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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Lymon convinced Amelia to buy for the cafe?
(a) A big screen TV.
(b) A mechanical piano.
(c) An espresso machine.
(d) A jukebox.

2. What eventually happens to Amelia's cafe?
(a) It burns down.
(b) It is boarded up.
(c) It is expanded.
(d) It is sold as a franchise.

3. What is notable about a man who approaches Amelia's house one day?
(a) He is a hunchback.
(b) He has a peg leg.
(c) His left arm is shorter than the right.
(d) He has a stripe of white hair.

4. Amelia and Cousin Lymon are both ____________.
(a) wealthy.
(b) cousins.
(c) teachers.
(d) misfits.

5. What does the cafe seem to provide to people?
(a) A place to play cards.
(b) A good meal.
(c) A sense of worth.
(d) A place for socialization.

6. What business does Amelia run from her house?
(a) General Store.
(b) Child Care Center.
(c) Beauty Salon.
(d) Bakery.

7. What is the sole focus of Frances' life?
(a) Sports.
(b) Boys.
(c) Music.
(d) Art.

8. Who is the student who is profiled in a magazine?
(a) Edward.
(b) Heime.
(c) Isaiah.
(d) Henry.

9. What is wrong with the sick child brought to see Amelia?
(a) Scarlet Fever.
(b) Measles.
(c) Boil on his thigh.
(d) Chicken Pox.

10. What does Frances do when Mr. Bilderbach wants her to play?
(a) She breaks down and cries.
(b) She says she needs a break.
(c) She plays brilliantly.
(d) She leaves the house with no warning.

11. For how long do Amelia and Marvin throw punches at each other?
(a) Two hours.
(b) A half hour.
(c) Five minutes.
(d) Fifteen minutes.

12. Who is Miss Amelia?
(a) The occupant of the largest house in town.
(b) A dance hall girl.
(c) A schoolteacher.
(d) A school secretary.

13. Marvin Macy is characterized as ____________.
(a) an evil man.
(b) a holy man.
(c) a jolly man.
(d) a rambling man.

14. How does Amelia behave toward Lymon by this point in time?
(a) She cannot stand him.
(b) She tolerates him.
(c) She ignores him.
(d) She dotes on him.

15. The boxing match between Amelia and Marvin transitions into __________________.
(a) a wrestling match.
(b) a free-for-all.
(c) a murder.
(d) a brawl.

Short Answer Questions

1. What magazine does Mister Lafkowitz point out to Frances?

2. What will the man in #12 be called?

3. What do the people in town soon come to realize about the man in #12?

4. With what is Marvin associated in the story?

5. Who is Mister Lafkowitz?

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