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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is entranced by Marvin?
(a) Amelia.
(b) Sara.
(c) Cousin Lymon.
(d) Buddy.

2. What is the Harmonious Blacksmith?
(a) A show about careers.
(b) A piece Frances used to love.
(c) A book about the Wild West.
(d) A book about horses.

3. What is happening to Frances that Mr. Bilderbach is unaware of?
(a) She will be moving soon.
(b) Her parents are divorcing.
(c) She is in love with a boy in school.
(d) She is having a nervous breakdown.

4. Why does Lymon say he is mesmerized by Marvin?
(a) Marvin has been to Atlanta and to jail.
(b) Marvin is a compassionate person.
(c) Marvin is very witty.
(d) Marvin is very intelligent.

5. What eventually happens to Amelia's cafe?
(a) It is boarded up.
(b) It is sold as a franchise.
(c) It is expanded.
(d) It burns down.

6. What literary technique does McCullers use when she addresses the ruined marriage between Amelia and Marvin and the future failed relationship between Amelia and Lymon.
(a) Foreshadowing.
(b) Metaphor.
(c) Alliteration.
(d) Simile.

7. For how long do Amelia and Marvin throw punches at each other?
(a) A half hour.
(b) Fifteen minutes.
(c) Two hours.
(d) Five minutes.

8. What does Amelia do with the gifts Marvin gives her?
(a) Puts them in storage.
(b) Shows them to her friends.
(c) Sells them in her general store.
(d) Puts them on display.

9. What instrument does the student in the magazine profile play?
(a) Piano.
(b) Violin.
(c) Cello.
(d) Flute.

10. What is the weather as the story opens?
(a) Cool.
(b) Temperate.
(c) Very hot.
(d) Frigid.

11. On what day do Amelia and Marvin have a big fight?
(a) Groundhog Day.
(b) Halloween.
(c) Easter.
(d) Christmas Eve.

12. In this story, McCullers intimates that a certain level of _____________ is part of life.
(a) absurdity.
(b) horror.
(c) anxiety.
(d) fear.

13. What is one of the ways that Amelia tries to get rid of Marvin?
(a) Slams the door in his face.
(b) Trips him on the stairs.
(c) Poisons his coffee.
(d) Has him beaten up in the alley.

14. To where does Amelia retreat after her defeat?
(a) Church.
(b) Her bedroom.
(c) The beauty salon.
(d) Her office.

15. What has Lymon convinced Amelia to buy for the cafe?
(a) A jukebox.
(b) A mechanical piano.
(c) An espresso machine.
(d) A big screen TV.

Short Answer Questions

1. What magazine does Mister Lafkowitz point out to Frances?

2. In what month does the story take place?

3. Marvin Macy is characterized as ____________.

4. Who is Mister Bilderbach?

5. How old was Marvin Macy when he married Amelia?

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