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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Wunderkind.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one of the ways that Amelia tries to get rid of Marvin?
(a) Has him beaten up in the alley.
(b) Slams the door in his face.
(c) Trips him on the stairs.
(d) Poisons his coffee.

2. What does Lymon give Marvin permission to do one day?
(a) Re-marry Amelia.
(b) Drive his car.
(c) Move into the house.
(d) Run the cafe.

3. Frances' piano playing lately has been proficient yet _____________.
(a) spirited.
(b) lifeless.
(c) inspired.
(d) brilliant.

4. Amelia and Cousin Lymon are both ____________.
(a) cousins.
(b) wealthy.
(c) teachers.
(d) misfits.

5. What eventually happens to the town?
(a) It develops suburbs.
(b) It maintains a steady growth.
(c) It decays.
(d) It revitalizes the downtown area.

Short Answer Questions

1. What beverage does Miss Amelia offer the men in her home?

2. Why is Frances' playing so emotionless?

3. What is happening to Frances that Mr. Bilderbach is unaware of?

4. What instrument does the student in the magazine profile play?

5. Who is Mister Lafkowitz?

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