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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Wunderkind.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Amelia takes Lymon to picture shows and ______________.
(a) dog races.
(b) football games.
(c) horse races.
(d) cockfights.

2. What is a wunderkind?
(a) Child genius.
(b) Opera singer.
(c) Cartoon character.
(d) German priest.

3. What does the author call a meeting of men on Amelia's porch?
(a) An "evil festival".
(b) A lynching.
(c) Busybody brigade.
(d) A consortium.

4. What eventually happens to Amelia's cafe?
(a) It is expanded.
(b) It is sold as a franchise.
(c) It is boarded up.
(d) It burns down.

5. Why can Lymon get away with so many things with Amelia?
(a) He has blackmailed Amelia.
(b) He does not love Amelia like she loves him.
(c) He is a sociopath.
(d) He is a pathological liar.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what area of the United States does this story take place?

2. What is happening to Frances that Mr. Bilderbach is unaware of?

3. Who jumps onto Amelia when she has Marvin in a defeated pin?

4. With what is Marvin associated in the story?

5. In what month does the fight between Amelia and Marvin occur?

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