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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Domestic Dilemma.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ferris agree to meet his ex-wife?
(a) A bar.
(b) A cafe.
(c) A museum.
(d) Her apartment.

2. With what college is Mr. Brook associated?
(a) Ryder College.
(b) Princeton.
(c) Duke.
(d) Stanford.

3. Mr. Brook skipped out on a faculty trip to __________.
(a) Finland.
(b) Peru.
(c) Switzerland.
(d) Mexico.

4. What literary technique does McCullers use to tell this story?
(a) Metaphor.
(b) Symbolism.
(c) Flashback.
(d) Anachronism.

5. Frances believes she can never be ___________________.
(a) an opera singer.
(b) a teacher.
(c) a great pianist.
(d) a mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. In this story, McCullers intimates that a certain level of _____________ is part of life.

2. What does Amelia slaughter for a town barbecue?

3. What role does Amelia enjoy playing in the community?

4. What happens to Amelia after the activity in #66?

5. What eventually happens to the town?

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