The Ballad of the Sad Café Character Descriptions

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Miss Amelia - She is the proprietor of a small cafe in the center of a sleepy Southern town.

Cousin Lymon - He is a hunchback who arrives mysteriously one day, searching for Amelia to whom he claims he is distantly related.

Marvin Macy - He is Amelia's ex-husband for ten days. After the marriage he robbed three filling stations and supposedly killed a man, crimes for which he spent time in the Atlanta penitentiary.

Frances - She is a 15-year-old piano prodigy who realizes she may not have the talent necessary to go on to become a master piano player.

Bitsy Barlow - She is the titular character who confronts her superiors such as the investor, the trainer, and the bookie about their moral bankruptcy and exploitation of jockeys.

Mr. Brook - He is the head of the music department at Ryder College and has...

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