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Ballad of the Sad Cafe, pages 1 - 23

• The setting is a small Southern town on an August afternoon.

• The largest house in the center of town is boarded up and ready to collapse. Occasionally its owner, Miss Amelia, can be seen in an upstairs window.

• The story flashes back to relate that Amelia had inherited the house from her father and she operates it as a general store where she also makes excellent liquor.

• Amelia is very masculine-looking with a gruff demeanor.

• Amelia is wealthy due to shrewd real estate deals.

• Amelia was once married to a man named Marvin Macy for only ten days.

• One day a hunchbacked man arrives at Amelia's home saying they are related in a distant manner.

• Amelia invites the man into her home, comforting him, and calling him Cousin Lymon.

• The next day, Amelia does not open her store and the hunchback...

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