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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Bobby think he should get out of the van?
(a) He needs to check to see how Julie is doing.
(b) He has lost contact with Rasmussen.
(c) He needs to find out who tried to kill him.
(d) He is afraid it will explode.

2. Why does Candy tell Violet he will hurt Frankie?
(a) Because of what he does to Violet and Verbina.
(b) Because of what he did to Candy.
(c) Because of what he did to the cats.
(d) Because of what he did to their mother.

3. How does Bobby know there will be trouble?
(a) He sees Julie's car explode.
(b) He hears the sound of a gun being cocked.
(c) He sees Rasmussen hold up a sign into the surveillance camera.
(d) He is warned by his wife, Julie.

4. How does Julie reassure Bobby?
(a) She lets him sit on her lap.
(b) She tells him she will stay with him.
(c) She takes him for a long walk.
(d) She rubs him on the head.

5. What does Frank run into?
(a) An abandoned apartment complex.
(b) An abandoned store.
(c) An abandoned van.
(d) An abandoned school building.

Short Answer Questions

1. What pets do Candy's sisters keep?

2. What does Frank look for when he finally feels safe?

3. How does Candy feel about his brother?

4. Who seems to understand Thomas's warnings?

5. Where does Frank decide to go after he wakes up finding the black sand in his hand?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Thomas find strange about his connection to Bobby and Julie and his ability to convey his thoughts and feelings?

2. Describe Bobby and Julie's living situation and why it is this way.

3. What is Candy appalled to learn from Violet?

4. What does Bobby do when he hears gunfire and what happens when it stops?

5. What does Bobby say to Julie to reassure her that she is a good person?

6. What does Candy do with a woman that is the same as what he used to do with his own mother?

7. After Bobby and Julie make love, what sudden feeling does Bobby get and how does he respond to this feeling?

8. What does Thomas do after he is knocked down to the floor?

9. What do the police find while searching for Rasmussen?

10. What does Julie see when she drives toward Bobby and what does she do?

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