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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what disability does Clint's wife suffer?
(a) She is a paraplegic.
(b) She has Downs Syndrome.
(c) She is deaf.
(d) She is blind.

2. Why does Candy get angry with himself for killing Thomas?
(a) He was the only link he had to his mother.
(b) He didn't find out answers before he killed him.
(c) He could have used him to lure Julie to him.
(d) He knows the police will be involved now.

3. What does Julie want Chen to do?
(a) Protect her brother, Thomas.
(b) Hypnotize Frank.
(c) Trace the money.
(d) Place a tracking device on Frank.

4. Why might Candy harm the Dakotas?
(a) Because they are helping Frank.
(b) Because they are in his way.
(c) Because he can feel them watching him.
(d) Because they know Thomas.

5. Why does Bobby tell Thomas that Julie might not visit him the next week?
(a) Because she has to go to Hawaii.
(b) Because of the Bad Thing.
(c) Because of the things Frank has done.
(d) Because of the case they are working on.

6. What is Dr. Manfred's role?
(a) He is to help Candy track down Frank.
(b) He is to consult on Frank's case with Bobby and Julie.
(c) He is to identify the insect Frank had.
(d) He is to stop Frank's sleep walking.

7. What do the Phans share with Bobby and Julie about the Farris family?
(a) They disappeared.
(b) They had just moved to the area.
(c) They had bite marks.
(d) They all ended up in a mental institution.

8. Why is Hal staying with Frank?
(a) To keep him from sleepwalking.
(b) To complete a report on his behavior.
(c) To protect Frank.
(d) To prevent him from leaving.

9. Which of the following characters is not killed by Candy?
(a) Thomas.
(b) Felina.
(c) Clint.
(d) Hal.

10. What kind of blood is the blood that was on Frank's shirt?
(a) Squirrel.
(b) Cat.
(c) Human.
(d) Bird.

11. Where do they find the missing parts of the metal zipper?
(a) In his shirt.
(b) In his pants.
(c) In his knee.
(d) In his shoe.

12. Despite his disabilities, which of the following is true about Thomas?
(a) He demonstrates intelligence.
(b) He is quite articulate.
(c) He conveys his thoughts very well.
(d) He is able to connect with others.

13. How do Bobby and Frank try to trace Frank's identity?
(a) Through DNA.
(b) Through his dreams.
(c) Through a computer.
(d) Through public records.

14. How does Thomas feel about the Bad Thing he can feel?
(a) It angers him.
(b) It horrifies him.
(c) It surprises him.
(d) It tempts him.

15. Why does Doc Fogarty indicate he did not do something about the Pollard family?
(a) He enjoyed watching the horror they created.
(b) He did not know what to do.
(c) It was not his job.
(d) He had no way to stop anything that was happening.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Clint show his wife that came from Frank?

2. What happened to the James Roman's family and his house?

3. What does Hal hear before he finds Frank back in bed?

4. What happens to Clint?

5. What is Chen's profession?

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