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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has finally driven Frank to seek out help from Bobby and Julie?
(a) He had a dream of his own death.
(b) He tried to stay awake, but couldn't and woke up with more unexplained things.
(c) He thinks that he is losing his mind.
(d) He does not feel safe again and hopes they can find out to protect him.

2. What does Candy consider a gift from his mother?
(a) His sisters.
(b) The fact that he is still alive.
(c) His awareness of his surroundings.
(d) The plentiful amount of blood available to him.

3. What does Thomas tell Julie about outside?
(a) He says that it is bad outside.
(b) He says that it is now scary outside.
(c) He says that it is unkind outside.
(d) He says that it is dangerous outside.

4. How much money is in the bag Frank has?
(a) $100,000.
(b) $10,000.
(c) $1,000,000.
(d) $50,000.

5. Which word best describes Frank's reaction at the content of the bag?
(a) Stunned.
(b) Relieved.
(c) Angered.
(d) Destroyed.

6. Where does Bobby's dream take place?
(a) In the house he and Julie will one day live inside.
(b) At Julie and his current home.
(c) At the computer company.
(d) At the place where Thomas lives.

7. What does Frank use to help him escape?
(a) An unlocked car.
(b) A man and his wife.
(c) A police cruiser.
(d) A skateboard.

8. What are Bobby and Julie afraid Rasmussen has stolen?
(a) A computer program.
(b) The computer prototype.
(c) A special chip.
(d) Money.

9. Where is Frank Pollard when he wakes up?
(a) His driveway.
(b) An apartment complex.
(c) An alley.
(d) A diner.

10. What do Julie and Bobby hope can happen some day in regards to Thomas?
(a) He can learn to read.
(b) He can overcome his illness.
(c) He can come to live with them.
(d) He can move to a nicer facility.

11. What does Julie do when Bobby tells her there will be trouble?
(a) She takes down Rasmussen.
(b) She leaves the scene.
(c) She comes to his rescue.
(d) She calls the police.

12. What is one thing that Rasmussen is afraid of?
(a) Deafness.
(b) Prison.
(c) Death.
(d) Blindness.

13. What is unique about Verbina?
(a) She never speaks.
(b) She does not like animals.
(c) She is always ill.
(d) She is older than Violet.

14. Why does Candy go out into the night?
(a) To protect his sisters.
(b) To get food for the cats.
(c) To hunt.
(d) To find his brother.

15. Why is Thomas unable to sleep?
(a) He continues to have a bad feeling.
(b) He is worried about Julie.
(c) He didn't get to finish his poem.
(d) He wants to go to visit the beach.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Julie, Bobby and Frank meet?

2. How many different identities does Frank find in the bag?

3. What is Bobby Dakota doing as he sits in his van?

4. How does Bobby know Julie?

5. What did Frankie do that bothers Violet?

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