The Bad Place Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Frank want to leave the alleyway?

Frank leaves the alleyway, looking for escape from an unknown pursuer.

2. What happens when Frank opens up the door to the abandoned car he finds and what does this cause to happen?

As Frank opens the door a blue light pulses toward him, shattering the window. The blue light flashes, destroying the car around Frank. Frank finally loses control of the vehicle, crashing into a tree.

3. What do Bobby and Julie find out that Rasmussen is up to in Decodyne?

Bobby and Julie wonder what Rasmussen is up to when the thief walks to the video camera and holds up a sign that says "GOODBYE, ASSHOLE."

4. What does Frank see as he looks out the window of the abandoned apartment complex he has chosen as his hiding place?

A stranger enters the complex's courtyard and stands quietly, then slowly walks toward the same stairs that Frank had ascended. Frank watches the man approach, hoping he will not be found.

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