The Bad Place Character Descriptions

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Bobby Dakota

This is the owner of a private investigation firm. He is a lover of swing music and a perpetually happy person, entranced with life and all the good things in it.

Julie Dakota

This character is a full partner in their private investigation firm. She loves swing music as much as her husband, but is the more level-headed of the two.

Frank Pollard

This character wakes up in an alley, unsure of anything except that someone is after him.


This character is the younger brother of another character. He has Down's syndrome and lives in Ciela Vista, a home for the disabled.

Candy Pollard

This character has the ability to teleport. He also has the ability to send pulses of blue light from his fingertips, causing pulses of energy to affect inanimate objects around him.

Violet Pollard

This is one of two twin sisters. She...

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