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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Calixta's response to Bobinôt's question?
(a) She has said she will lend him her pony, but not her find mare.
(b) She will bake him a cake if he will introduce her to his brother.
(c) She has said no.
(d) She has not yet given a response.

2. What does Mrs. Sommers wish as she is riding home on the bus?
(a) That she had bought more chocolate for the children.
(b) That her husband would return to her.
(c) That the ride would never end.
(d) That her children would disappear.

3. What frightens Calixta?
(a) The hobo starts acting strange.
(b) Lightning striking a tree.
(c) Lightening strikes the house.
(d) Bobinôt is late.

4. Why does Désirée's husband think she is not white?
(a) Her baby is not white.
(b) She has habits that are like negroes.
(c) He has no reason; just an instinctive feeling.
(d) Her grandfather is dark skinned.

5. What does Elodie not tell Gabriel?
(a) That Everson talks to the sheriff.
(b) That Everson comes to her and he is not dead.
(c) That a knife is in his other coat.
(d) That she robs Everson.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Louise imagining in her room?

2. What makes Athénaïse decide to return to Cazeau?

3. What is one thing Mrs. Sommers buys at the store with her newly-acquired money?

4. Who does Gabriel kill?

5. Where did Elizabeth Stock work?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Gabriel tell Tnate Elodie and what does she say in response?

2. Why does Mr. Sublet change his attitude towards Evariste?

3. How does Mrs. Sommers spend her fifteen dollars?

4. How does Elizabeth help Mr. Brightman?

5. What changes everything for Athénaïse and what does she do?

6. How does Mrs. Baroda's feelings alter towards Gouvernail and what does she do?

7. How does Mrs. Baroda feel towards Gourvernail at the opening of the story, and what does she do as a result?

8. What does Mrs. Sommers receive and what does she plan to do with it?

9. What does Elodie learn while at a wedding reception?

10. What does Alcée write to his wife and what is her response?

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