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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Elizabeth Stock's One Story.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who unnerves Mrs. Baroda?
(a) Her maid.
(b) Gourvernail.
(c) Her cook.
(d) Gaston.

2. Of what is Cazeau reminded when he goes to fetch his wife?
(a) A saying his mother told him on his wedding day.
(b) A slave his father once had to retrieve.
(c) The way his friends laughed when he told them who he planned to marry.
(d) Going to market.

3. Where does Mr. Brightman go for a meeting?
(a) Atlanta.
(b) Washington, D. C.
(c) Chicago.
(d) New Orleans.

4. What does Mademoiselle Reisz play on the piano?
(a) A piece Robert requested for Edna.
(b) A sad love ballet.
(c) A lively piece to cheer her up.
(d) Nothing.

5. Who is Gouvernail?
(a) Mrs. Baroda's sister-in-law.
(b) Mrs. Baroda's sister.
(c) Gaston's sister.
(d) A college friend of Gaston's.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the character seem?

2. Why does Désirée's husband think she is not white?

3. Where does Edna plan to move?

4. What are the only items Edna takes on her move?

5. Who is Mariequita?

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