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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Athénaïse.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first kiss to which Edna has ever responded?
(a) The first one from her husband.
(b) The one Robert gave her during the summer.
(c) One from Alcée.
(d) She says she has never really responded to any kiss.

2. Who are Bobinôt and Calixta and Alcée Laballière and Clarisse?
(a) Four friends.
(b) Two couples in the story.
(c) Four characters in a fairy tale told to the child in the story.
(d) Four siblings.

3. Who does Alcée flirt with at the ball?
(a) Calixta.
(b) Clarisse.
(c) No one.
(d) Marcelle.

4. Why does Clarisse follow Alcée to the ball?
(a) Because she loves him.
(b) To keep him out of mischief.
(c) To find out if he is really going to the ball.
(d) She does not follow him.

5. What is Calixta's response to Bobinôt's question?
(a) She will bake him a cake if he will introduce her to his brother.
(b) She has said she will lend him her pony, but not her find mare.
(c) She has not yet given a response.
(d) She has said no.

Short Answer Questions

1. Upon whom does Athénaïse begin to depend for companionship?

2. Why does Edna feel regret about her infidelity?

3. What makes Athénaïse decide to return to Cazeau?

4. How is Edna going to pay for her move?

5. Where does Athénaïse go when she leaves Cazeau a second time?

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