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The Awakening Chapters 1 -5

• The book opens on Grand Isle where the Pontellier family, Léonce, Edna and their two sons, Raoul and Étienne, are vacationing for the summer. Many of the summer residents are of Creole descent.

• Léonce treats his wife like a valuable possession.

• Robert Lebrun, a young, single man, spends much of his time with Edna, whose husband has to work in the city and only comes to the island on weekends.

• Robert is the son of the woman who rents the cottages out to the wealthy summer visitors.
• Chapter 4 introduces Madame Adèle Ratignolle, one of Edna's friends and who Edna believes embodies the finest attributes of womanhood.

• Edna is Protestant, Kentucky heritage and does not fully understand the Creole, Catholic culture into which she has married.

• The Creole culture maintains much more intimate friendships than Edna is accustomed to and this sometimes...

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