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Short Answer Questions

1. How many people took part in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom?

2. King wanted to learn from what Scandinavian tradition?

3. What speech did King deliver on the morning of 28 August 1963?

4. President Kennedy called Coretta Scott King and expressed concern for her husband on what date?

5. Civil rights leaders focused on Selma, Alabama, in 1965 as 15,000 blacks were eligible to vote there, but only how many were registered?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reason did King give for his opting to work in Chicago in 1966?

2. How did King view Senator Barry Goldwater's nomination as the Republican Party's 1964 candidate for President?

3. Just shy of a year before he was assassinated, what point did King indicate had been reached?

4. Why did King see "the poverty of conscience of the white majority in Birmingham" as being clearest at the child martyrs' funerals in September 1963?

5. How did King view St. Augustine, Florida, in 1964?

6. What did King indicate he recalled saying in his letter from the Birmingham Jail?

7. How did James Meredith meet Stokely Carmichael?

8. Why did King use the phrase "one of the most important meetings we ever convened" to depict a SCLC staff meeting held in November, 1967?

9. How did King describe Birmingham's Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth?

10. What did King stipulate in his comparison of racial discrimination in the South and the North?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Assess the initial writing in Chapter 32 in which King elaborated on his view that "Life is a continual story of shattered dreams." Address points he made concerning Mahatma Gandhi, Woodrow Wilson, and the Apostle Paul. What was it individuals sought? King defined the story of life as being what? How could one be happy if they never achieved their goal?

Essay Topic 2

Characterize King's doubts about the reliability of the Bible. When did they initially evolve? How did he balance his perception of the Bible with his profession? How was it he was to love a group (i.e., whites,) that hated him?

Essay Topic 3

Survey King's review of his trial on charges of falsifying income taxes for the State of Alabama for 1956 and 1958. What reasons did he give for having believed he would be found guilty? What reasons did he offer as being in his favor? If he was convinced the jury was prejudiced against him, why did they not convict him? Would the jury not have ruled against King's black attorneys despite the level of their professional legal skills?

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