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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Franklin wrote a number of controversial letters in whose newspaper under an anonymous name?
(a) Bradford.
(b) Webb.
(c) Kramer.
(d) Keimer.

2. What was the title of the pamphlet Franklin wrote about paper money, a raging debate at the time?
(a) "The Need for Paper Currency."
(b) "The Nature and Necessity of Paper Currency."
(c) "The Necessityand Benefits of Paper Currency."
(d) "The Ten Reasons Justifying Paper Currency."

3. Josiah Franklin took his first wife and three children to America where they had how many more?
(a) 10.
(b) 5.
(c) 3.
(d) 4.

4. Franklin dated and nearly married a woman, until her family forbade their courtship when they decided what?
(a) His business would fail.
(b) His politics were too uncertain.
(c) He was dating Miss Read also.
(d) He had no religious values.

5. How did Franklin arrive in Philadelphia on his initial trip?
(a) Hungry, dirty, tired.
(b) Hungry, but otherwise reasonable.
(c) Tired and dirty, but not hungry.
(d) Tired, but clean.

6. What did Franklin hope would result when he included his collection of virtues in his autobiography?
(a) They "may follow the example and spare themselves regret."
(b) They "may follow my example or similar virtues guidance."
(c) They "may follow the example and reap the benefit."
(d) They "may follow my virtues and achieve the reward."

7. Franklin took great pride when he lived in what fashion?
(a) Athletically.
(b) Resourcefully.
(c) Frugally.
(d) Lavishly.

8. Franklin returned to Pennsylvania to become a clerk in whose new business?
(a) Mr. Denny's.
(b) Mr. Denham's.
(c) Mr. Denman's.
(d) Mr. Denfield's.

9. How did Franklin's former employer's expanded business compare to the man's print house?
(a) Much better.
(b) Only a little better.
(c) About equal.
(d) Worse.

10. In printing colonial documents, Franklin met a number of what type of men?
(a) Militarily-oriented and influential.
(b) Commercially-oriented and influential.
(c) Religiously-oriented and influential.
(d) Politically-oriented and influential.

11. His father received visits from important noble men which Franklin admired and also from friends seeking what?
(a) Prayer.
(b) Food.
(c) Money.
(d) Advice.

12. Who was it Franklin provided his virtues list for?
(a) Future Americans.
(b) Some of his descendants.
(c) All of his descendants.
(d) His son, William.

13. What was it Franklin discovered in the end regarding his virtues?
(a) He was not perfect and did not wish to be.
(b) He was as virtuous as a human could be.
(c) He had mastered some virtues but not all.
(d) He was not perfect and would never achieve perfection.

14. James Franklin was jailed for how long for not revealing a source?
(a) 3 months.
(b) 6 months.
(c) 1 month.
(d) 2 months.

15. Where was Franklin's second, even better job in London?
(a) Walls.
(b) Wells.
(c) Wills.
(d) Watts.

Short Answer Questions

1. Franklin took a new job at what wages?

2. In Philadelphia, Franklin soon worked for Mr. Bradford's son, Andrew, and what other printer?

3. Franklin hated his father's trade and dreamed of doing what instead?

4. In his autobiography, the author noted the library became a popular hang-out for which individuals?

5. Who provided Franklin a letter of recommendation when en route home from Philadelphia?

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