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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what schedule did Franklin approach his collection of virtues?
(a) 13 simultaneously.
(b) 1 bi- weekly, leaving others to chance.
(c) 1 weekly, leaving others to chance.
(d) 1 daily, leaving others to chance.

2. Franklin noted the oldest son being apprenticed in a smithing trade was a tradition that went how far back?
(a) 1,000 years.
(b) 300 years.
(c) 500 years.
(d) 100 years.

3. The members of the intellectual club Franklin belonged to pooled their books, but while their plan failed, it sparked Franklin's interest, and he eventually created a subscription library system that evolved into what?
(a) Public library system of today.
(b) U.S. Library of Congress.
(c) Philadelphia private library.
(d) University of Pennsylvania library.

4. What was it Franklin did after the contact made his recommendation?
(a) Took a job at Palmer's print house.
(b) Spent all his remaining money on lavish celebration.
(c) Took a job at Pallone's print shop.
(d) Took a job at "The London Times".

5. James Franklin was jailed for how long for not revealing a source?
(a) 3 months.
(b) 6 months.
(c) 1 month.
(d) 2 months.

6. What occupation did Franklin's former co-worker venture into?
(a) Shipping.
(b) Nursing.
(c) Stationary retail.
(d) Farming.

7. In what other fields of employment did Franklin note some eventually found interest?
(a) Legal and medical.
(b) Financial and medical.
(c) Military and political.
(d) Legal and political.

8. Franklin's idea of a "good" human being is someone who treated others in what manner?
(a) Respectfully.
(b) Friendly.
(c) Faithfully.
(d) Nicely.

9. Franklin regretted Miss Read's unfortunate marriage and did what?
(a) Set to resume a platonic relationship, but both still dated others.
(b) Set to pursue a platonic relationship while he dated others.
(c) Set to pursue a platonic relationship.
(d) Set to resume their old relationship.

10. How did Franklin eventually practice his faith?
(a) As a Catholic.
(b) Privately, in his own way.
(c) As a Methodist.
(d) As a member of his friend's fundamentalisst church.

11. Which three friends did Franklin spend his last months in Philadelphia with?
(a) Charles Osborne, Joseph Watson, James Ralph.
(b) Joseph Osborne, Charles Watson, James Ralph.
(c) Charles Osborne, Joseph Watson, Ralph James.
(d) Charles Osborne, James Watson, Joseph Ralph.

12. Upon Franklin's promotion, what happened to the community ante?
(a) It remained about the same.
(b) There was no ante in his new position.
(c) It got somewhat higher.
(d) It got considerably higher.

13. Franklin considered Ralph a good friend, but an expensive one who did what?
(a) Lived a lavish life and cheated Franklin.
(b) Refused to get a job and cheated Franklin.
(c) Used Franklin's name to get a job and cheated him.
(d) Got a job without Franklin's aid but cheated him.

14. Which co-worker convinced Franklin to hold on a little longer with his new employer?
(a) Meridian.
(b) Meredith.
(c) Meriden.
(d) Merriweather.

15. Franklin hated his father's trade and dreamed of doing what instead?
(a) Becoming a soldier.
(b) Raising horses.
(c) Going to sea.
(d) Becoming a politician.

Short Answer Questions

1. His father received visits from important noble men which Franklin admired and also from friends seeking what?

2. Franklin took great pride when he lived in what fashion?

3. What did Franklin's new friend, Ralph, admit to him?

4. David Henry turned down an offer of a partnership with Franklin, but eventually had to close his business for what reason?

5. How did Franklin arrive in Philadelphia on his initial trip?

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