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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Franklin's response to those who played pranks on him when he did not pay into the pot?
(a) Convinced the others not to pay also.
(b) Left the firm.
(c) He eventually caved in and paid.
(d) Stood firm and refused to pay.

2. James started his own newspaper in the early 1720s he called what?
(a) Boston Glove.
(b) Middletown Press.
(c) The New England Courant.
(d) The Philadelphia Enquirer.

3. Franklin hated his father's trade and dreamed of doing what instead?
(a) Going to sea.
(b) Raising horses.
(c) Becoming a soldier.
(d) Becoming a politician.

4. Franklin noted he was honest about his achievements without being falsely humble or arrogant and stipulated he would have changed some details to look better but did not for what reason?
(a) He wanted the truth known.
(b) He lacked the writing talent.
(c) He sought facts, not fiction.
(d) His life was too well known.

5. Who did Franklin initially address his autobiography opening to?
(a) His wife, Mary Anne.
(b) His son, William.
(c) His daughter, Margaret.
(d) His son, Benjamin, Jr.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the Governor of New York show an interest in meeting young Franklin upon his arrival this second time?

2. Franklin considered Ralph a good friend, but an expensive one who did what?

3. Upon Franklin's return to Philadelphia, where did the Governor of Pennsylvania send him to pick out his own printing equipment?

4. At his new employment, Franklin gave up part of his pay for what?

5. Franklin loved his new life in Philadelphia and he became what?

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