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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter X.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Miss Read married another man during Franklin's absence, but what subsequently happened?
(a) She was happy, but he left her unexpectedly.
(b) She was unexpectedly widowed soon afterward.
(c) Her husband moved to Boston, but she did not follow.
(d) She was unhappy and left him shortly afterward.

2. Who found Franklin in Philadelphia and encouraged him to return home?
(a) Robert Holmes, his uncle.
(b) Robert Holmes, a family friend.
(c) Robert Holmes, his brother-in-law.
(d) Robert Holmes, a cousin.

3. Franklin considered Ralph a good friend, but an expensive one who did what?
(a) Got a job without Franklin's aid but cheated him.
(b) Refused to get a job and cheated Franklin.
(c) Lived a lavish life and cheated Franklin.
(d) Used Franklin's name to get a job and cheated him.

4. In what other fields of employment did Franklin note some eventually found interest?
(a) Legal and medical.
(b) Military and political.
(c) Financial and medical.
(d) Legal and political.

5. What did the co-worker who helped Franklin do when he was able to set up shop?
(a) Gave their notice.
(b) Failed to show up for work.
(c) Set up some distance away.
(d) Walked out.

Short Answer Questions

1. Franklin proposed the governmental group would contribute an amount equal to what?

2. While waiting to set up his own shop, Franklin printed what for a colonial government?

3. What did Franklin hope would result when he included his collection of virtues in his autobiography?

4. In what year did the physician friend of Franklin propose a town hospital?

5. On his first day in Philadelphia, as he walked down the road, Franklin passed what for the first time?

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