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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter X.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Franklin took great pride when he lived in what fashion?
(a) Resourcefully.
(b) Frugally.
(c) Athletically.
(d) Lavishly.

2. Two expenses that the colonists sought repayment of were what?
(a) Crops, farm animals,
(b) A fireworks display, horses and carriages.
(c) A fireworks display, crops.
(d) Crops, horses and carriages.

3. What did Franklin regret about his stay in England?
(a) Did not stay longer.
(b) Stayed too long.
(c) Much, but learned a lot.
(d) Little.

4. Franklin said he felt he and other inventors needed to be _____, and therefore he would not profit from his inventions?
(a) "Glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours."
(b) "The chance to serve others through an invention is gift to us."
(c) "We should be grateful to aid others through our inventions."
(d) "We should all use our talent enabling the improvement of others."

5. Franklin became the Postmaster and had the opportunity to do what?
(a) Travel around Europe.
(b) Travel around Pennsylvania.
(c) Travel around England.
(d) Travel around America.

Short Answer Questions

1. What were some of the inventions of Franklin's beyond his stove?

2. Franklin noted he was honest about his achievements without being falsely humble or arrogant and stipulated he would have changed some details to look better but did not for what reason?

3. Franklin said his father was an "agreeable" man but very traditional, serious, and what else?

4. How did Franklin's former employer's expanded business compare to the man's print house?

5. What was Franklin's promotion at the second firm?

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