The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Character Descriptions

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Benjamin Franklin

This individual brought constant improvement to the new world.

James Franklin

This person wrote a controversial newspaper article and refused to reveal any source.

Josiah Franklin

This individual fathered seventeen children, seven by his first wife and ten by his second.

John Collins

An avid reader and aggressive debater while a youth, this person was a gambling, irresponsible drunk during adulthood.

Samuel Keimer

This printer offered high wages to an individual just long enough for the printer's operation to be straightened up.

Andrew Bradford

This Philadelphia printer took in a boarder at his home, while the printer's father helped the boarder get a job with his son's competitor.

James Ralph

A fair poet but a terrible writer overall who became an alcoholic and a freeloader. This individual finally obtained university work.

John Read

This person was a landlord in Philadelphia before the boarder went to London...

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