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Chapter I

• Franklin began his work with a letter to his son, William, and he explained that the memoir was a genealogical record that took him much labor to track.

• Franklin's family had to hide their religion in England by reading the English Bible in secrecy.

• Franklin's education was sporadic, and he was put him to work in his father's tallow-chandler and soap business.

• Josiah, the author's father, had a total of seventeen children between his two wives.

• Franklin said his father was an "agreeable" man but very traditional, serious, and important.

• Franklin admired his father, who not only received visits from important noble men, but also from friends who would seek his advice.

• So Franklin did not run away. Josiah sent him to apprentice with Benjamin's brother, James, who was a printer, and he had an almost unlimited access to books.

• Franklin tested his skills by writing...

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