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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Violet say she and her siblings could do?
(a) Phone the police
(b) Kill Count Olaf
(c) Go to the exercises
(d) Run away

2. What do the Quagmires say they will do in order to help the Baudelaire children?
(a) Pack them food for running away
(b) Sneak out to keep an eye on them and Coach Genghis
(c) Put dye in the shower heads
(d) Pull the fire allarm to get the adults out with them

3. What does the luminous circle the children had painted get compared to?
(a) A donut of despair
(b) The ring of losers
(c) The number of dates the Pope gets
(d) The total of their strength

4. What does Violet say she has to find snitch some things for?
(a) To put in a new fan in the shack
(b) Her staple making invention
(c) To get ready to run from Count Olaf
(d) To study for the test

5. What do the Quagmires tell the Baudelaires at dinner time?
(a) They know where the assistants of Coach Genghis are
(b) They have solved the problem
(c) They have taken care of Coach Genghis
(d) They have called the police

Short Answer Questions

1. What color is the cover on the book that Mrs. Bass asks about the measurements on?

2. How many nights of S.O.R.E do the children take part in?

3. What costume is the woman wearing at the masquerade ball?

4. What does Sunny say when the children are discussing people who could help them figure out something?

5. What does Principal Nero say about Carmelita Spats?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the topic of assumptions that the narrator speaks on in the beginning of Chapter 12.

2. What does Coach Genghis tell the children to do when they meet him after dinner in Chapter 7?

3. Describe the plan that the Quagmires have put into action in order to help the Baudelaire children.

4. In the end of Chapter 8 what does the narrator explain about the Baudelaires' desire to be lucky and how lucky they want to be?

5. How do the children do on their exams?

6. Describe the symbol that the luminous circle begins to take on.

7. How tired are the Baudelaire children as described in Chapter 8?

8. What do the Baudelaire children do in the shack to get ready for the exams?

9. What do Isadora and Duncan tell the Baudelaires they have been looking for in old newspapers?

10. Describe the reaction that the Baudelaire children have when they look at the Quagmires in their disguises.

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