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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Duncan say the man in the article found in the Bangkok Gazette had been arrested for?
(a) Strangling a Bishop
(b) Arson
(c) Robbing a bank
(d) Kidnapping

2. Who enters the shack and tells the children how hard their tests will be?
(a) The Quagmires
(b) Mrs. Bass
(c) Coach Genghis
(d) Principal Nero

3. What does Violet say is the shape of her potato?
(a) Toe shaped
(b) Heart shaped
(c) Elongated
(d) Crab shaped

4. What was the name of the chef in Mr. Remora's story of the mushroom?
(a) Fred
(b) Fredricco
(c) Maurice
(d) Garson

5. What does Violet say she has to find snitch some things for?
(a) To put in a new fan in the shack
(b) To study for the test
(c) Her staple making invention
(d) To get ready to run from Count Olaf

6. What does Violet use the cream spinach for?
(a) To kill the fungus on the ceiling
(b) Polishing the staples
(c) Glue
(d) Keeping up her strength

7. When does the narrator say he found energy he didn't know he had?
(a) When timmy was stuck in a well
(b) When his house was on fire
(c) When he was chasing his car down a hill
(d) When he was chased by an angry mob

8. What did Isadora and Duncan do as the first part of their plan?
(a) Made costumes
(b) Put a skunk in Coach Genghis' room
(c) Propped open the auditorium door
(d) Went in to see the advanced computer

9. What costume is the woman wearing at the masquerade ball?
(a) Dragonfly
(b) Kitten
(c) Butterfly
(d) Princess

10. What does Isador suggest they use as a substitute for Sunny to trick Coach Genghis?
(a) Mathmatics text book
(b) Bag of dirty laundry
(c) Loaf of bread
(d) Sack of flour

11. What does Carmelita call the Baudelaires after she sees Sunny sleeping in her salad?
(a) Leaflosers
(b) Weirdos
(c) Saladsniffers
(d) Cabageheads

12. Where does the narrator say the woman was he approached at the masquerade ball?
(a) Garden
(b) Back porch
(c) Veranda
(d) Dance floor

13. What is Mrs. Bass having Klaus do in class?
(a) Measure the desks
(b) Measure pieces of papers
(c) Measure their heads
(d) Measure pencils

14. What had the Quagmires done in order to try and make sure the Baudelaires are safe?
(a) Took pictures
(b) Went and found a gun
(c) Snuck into Coach Genghis' sleeping quarters
(d) Took turns watching them run all night

15. Who shows up and makes fun of Sunny sleeping in her salad?
(a) Principal Nero
(b) Carmelita Spats
(c) Coach Genghis
(d) Mrs. Bass

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Principal Nero say about Carmelita Spats?

2. What is Mr. Remora's first question about to Violet?

3. What does Isadora say she thought might have been the purpose of the circle Coach Genghis had them make?

4. How many nights of S.O.R.E do the children take part in?

5. What does Klaus say he had though briefly about doing?

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