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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Klaus tell Coach Genghis that Coach Genghis is, making Klaus feel queasy?
(a) He is intelligent
(b) He is handsome
(c) They are glad to be there with him
(d) He is tallented

2. What does Duncan say the man in the article found in the Bangkok Gazette had been arrested for?
(a) Robbing a bank
(b) Strangling a Bishop
(c) Kidnapping
(d) Arson

3. What do the Quagmires tell the Baudelaires at dinner time?
(a) They have called the police
(b) They have taken care of Coach Genghis
(c) They have solved the problem
(d) They know where the assistants of Coach Genghis are

4. What does Isador suggest they use as a substitute for Sunny to trick Coach Genghis?
(a) Loaf of bread
(b) Bag of dirty laundry
(c) Sack of flour
(d) Mathmatics text book

5. What does the narrator say the children should have been nervous about?
(a) Snitching things
(b) Their plan
(c) The cafeteria ladies
(d) Being in the cafeteria

6. What does Carmelita call the Baudelaires after she sees Sunny sleeping in her salad?
(a) Leaflosers
(b) Weirdos
(c) Cabageheads
(d) Saladsniffers

7. What do the Quagmires need a string for?
(a) To pull the sack of flour
(b) To floss with
(c) As part of their disguises
(d) To prop the auditorium door open

8. What does Violet pull out of Sunny's hair?
(a) Lettuce
(b) Croutons
(c) Salad dressing
(d) Tomatoes

9. What does Principal Nero say proves that Coach Genghis isn't Count Olaf?
(a) His advanced computer
(b) The turban
(c) The running shoes
(d) Coach Genghis resume

10. What do the Baudelaires realize when they see the Quagmires' disguises?
(a) They need more time
(b) They are late for the S.O.R.E.s
(c) They forgot to put makeup on Isadora
(d) They don't look much like them

11. What had the Quagmires done in order to try and make sure the Baudelaires are safe?
(a) Took turns watching them run all night
(b) Took pictures
(c) Snuck into Coach Genghis' sleeping quarters
(d) Went and found a gun

12. What does Violet use the cream spinach for?
(a) Keeping up her strength
(b) Glue
(c) To kill the fungus on the ceiling
(d) Polishing the staples

13. How many questions do the Baudelaire children have to miss before they flunk?
(a) One
(b) Thirty-two
(c) Five
(d) Three

14. What do the students have to do at gym time?
(a) Run around
(b) Play dodge ball
(c) Push ups
(d) Do jumping jacks

15. What does Violet say she has to find snitch some things for?
(a) To get ready to run from Count Olaf
(b) To study for the test
(c) To put in a new fan in the shack
(d) Her staple making invention

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Isadora and Duncan do as the first part of their plan?

2. What do the children believe the school is run by?

3. Why does Isadora suggest that the helicopter never arrived to take the Baudelaire children away?

4. What do the Quagmires say they will do in order to help the Baudelaire children?

5. What is the difference in the stories Klaus would read at home and the ones he was reading in the orphan shack?

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