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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the children have to eat with their hands when they went on a picnic with their parents and forgot the silverware?
(a) Mashed potatoes
(b) Egg salad
(c) Sweet-and-sour shrimp
(d) Pudding

2. What is the color of the walls in the shack?
(a) Purple with blue stars
(b) A tin color
(c) Pink with orange shapes
(d) Green with pink hearts

3. What does Principal Nero tell the children is the only thing under his nose?
(a) Smelly orphans
(b) The smell of something fishy
(c) His mouth
(d) His violin

4. What is it that Klaus likes to do best?
(a) Sing
(b) Read
(c) Hike
(d) Swim

5. What does Duncan tell Violet is the good news?
(a) They can sneak out before dinner and miss Olaf's meeting
(b) They have all day to figure out Olaf's plan
(c) The will have silverware for lunch
(d) They can follow Olaf around until that night

6. What does Carmelita Spats call the Baudelaire children?
(a) Cakesniffers
(b) Mole rats
(c) Flea bags
(d) Orphans

7. What do the Baudelaires sprinkle on the ceiling?
(a) Pepper
(b) Salt
(c) Sugar
(d) Baby Powder

8. To tell the size what is it that the Biggest Lasagna Contest winner was compared to?
(a) Computer
(b) Small car
(c) Large mattress
(d) Camping tent

9. What do the Quagmire triplets share with the Baudelaires?
(a) Food
(b) Paper
(c) Cups
(d) Silverware

10. What would the children rather look at than anything else when they first arrive at Prufrock Preparatory School?
(a) The playing children
(b) Mr. Poe
(c) The dark moss
(d) Their feet

11. What does Klaus say he is going to read up on?
(a) Fungus
(b) Painting
(c) Crabs
(d) Yodeling

12. What does Sunny tell her siblings to be on the lookout for?
(a) Count Olaf's knife
(b) Count Olaf sneaking around
(c) Count Olaf's assistants
(d) Count Olaf's lawyer

13. What does Klaus say would happen if they could get the turban off of Coach Genghis?
(a) His head would catch a cold
(b) They could make curtains out of it
(c) They could play keep away with it
(d) His one eyebrow would be revealed

14. What does Principal Nero say the classroom numbers are for Violet and Klaus?
(a) Room A and room B
(b) Room one and room two
(c) Room 10 and Room 20
(d) The first and last rooms

15. What does Isadora's poem say would be a stroke of luck?
(a) If Count Olaf's disguise were suddenly unstuck
(b) If Coach Genghis were stuck in the muck
(c) If Coach Genghis were hit by a truck
(d) If Coach Genghis, by lightening, were struck

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the children find a fungus growing in the shack?

2. What does Nero say the children have to have in order to live in the dormitory?

3. What is the only thing the Baudelaire children can count on from Mr. Poe?

4. Why does Coach Genghis say that he can't take off his shoes?

5. What does Klaus say the school motto translates to?

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