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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Coach Genghis tell Principal Nero that orphans have?
(a) A will to survive
(b) Excellent bone structure
(c) Fine muscle tone
(d) Strong character

2. What is the punishment for being late for work or class?
(a) Feet tied together
(b) Must go with a muzzle on all day
(c) Hands tied behind your back
(d) Loss of shoes

3. What are Mrs. Bass and Mr. Remora sharing while they sit in the back row of the auditorium?
(a) Soda pop
(b) Candy
(c) Banana
(d) Lasagna

4. What is coming out from between the brick sidewalk the Baudelaire children are standing on?
(a) Weeds
(b) Mud
(c) Dark moss
(d) Dandelions

5. What is the second message that Carmelita brings to the Baudelaire children along with the message to meet Coach Genghis outside after dinner?
(a) They have earned detention
(b) They have overdue library books
(c) They need to call Mr. Poe
(d) Go to the Principal's office

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Coach Genghis say that he can't take off his shoes?

2. What do the children believe the school is run by?

3. What had the Quagmires done in order to try and make sure the Baudelaires are safe?

4. What did Isadora and Duncan do as the first part of their plan?

5. What does Principal Nero say Sunny will be doing at Prufrock Prep?

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