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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Principal Nero say the classroom numbers are for Violet and Klaus?
(a) Room one and room two
(b) The first and last rooms
(c) Room 10 and Room 20
(d) Room A and room B

2. What does Klaus explain is their adversity?
(a) Mr. Poe
(b) The police
(c) The death of their parents
(d) Count Olaf

3. Who does Principal Nero say that Duncan Quagmire is?
(a) Violet's boyfriend
(b) Carmelita Spats' best friend
(c) A thief
(d) A liar

4. What invention does Violet say she thinks she can come up with?
(a) Something to get ride of the pink hearts on the wall
(b) Something to make staples
(c) Something to help her pass her test
(d) Something to unmask Count Olaf

5. What does Sunny say when the children are discussing people who could help them figure out something?
(a) Cannibal
(b) Shark
(c) Dentures
(d) Bite

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Principal Nero say is the punishment for going to the administrative building?

2. What word do the children use to describe the small animals in the shack?

3. What is the only thing the Baudelaire children can count on from Mr. Poe?

4. What is the server in the cafeteria wearing to protect his face from the hot lasagna?

5. What do the Baudelaires realize when they see the Quagmires' disguises?

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