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Prufrock Preparatory School

A boarding school where the Baudelaires must endure this segment of the series. It is a gray place with buildings shaped like tombstones, or thumbs if you are of Mr. Poe's opinion.

Administrative Building

Principal Nero's office is located in this building. Children are not allowed to enter this building and risk losing their silverware at meals if they do. Since Sunny has to work in Nero's office, she permanently loses the right to use silverware.

School Building

One of the buildings where classes are held. It is described as being gray and rounded on the top, like all of the buildings at the school.


Another gray, rounded building. This is the location of Nero's insufferable, mandatory violin concerts.


The common eating area for the students. The food is served in gargantuan quantities.

The Dormitory

This building contains comfortable rooms, a library and...

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