The Austere Academy Character Descriptions

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Violet Baudelaire

This character is fourteen-years-old and invents things and has a particular idiosyncrasy of tying up his/her hair when trying to think. This character must come up with a way to make noisy shoes to keep the crabs away from them in the Orphan Shack. This character also has to come up with a way to make staples.

Klaus Baudelaire

This character is twelve-years-old and is a reader and has read a great many books for a twelve-year-old. This character's skills as a researcher come into play when the children are forced to study all night for their comprehensive exams.

Sunny Baudelaire

This character is described as an infant. This character is compared several times to small objects, such as shoes and salamis.This character's favorite past time is biting things. This character is forced to act as an administrative assistant. This character has to learn...

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