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Chapter 1

• The Baudelaire children arrive with Mr. Poe at the Prufrock Preparatory School.

• The Baudelaires watch the children at the school running around outside the building.

• The school looks very dark and dreary and Mr. Poe leaves the children as they go to meet their new principal.

• The school motto, 'Memento Mori', translates to 'Remember you will die'.

Chapter 2

• The Baudelaire children enter the administrative building and hear very horrible violin playing.

• Principal Nero tells the children that he is a musical genius that doesn't have time to be bothered by small children.

• Principal Nero tells the children the rules and that Sunny will be his administrative assistant because they don't have a nursery.

• The children are told they will live in the orphan shack because they have no parents to sign the proper papers.

Chapter 3

• The orphan shack is full of crabs, dripping fungus and a very...

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