The Atlantis Plague Short Essay - Answer Key

A.G. Riddle
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1. Why did the ship rush the scientists’ awakening process in the Prologue?

The ship woke the scientists 500 years early. It has sensed a population alert and possible extinction event, so the hibernation cycle was ended early.

2. Describe the “operating room” that Kate is using in Chapter 1?

Where Kate is working is not exactly an operating room. It used to be the massage room in the spa building of a resort, but it was the closest thing available to be used as an operating room.

3. What does Kate dream in Chapter 3?

Kate dreams that she is lying in a bed in Gibraltar, on the second floor of a villa just steps from the shore. She feels a cool breeze. She is on her back, staring at the ceiling. David sleeps beside her on his stomach. She doesn’t dare move, because she is afraid the dream will end.

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