The Atlantis Plague Short Answer Test - Answer Key

A.G. Riddle
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1. In the Prologue, how early does the ten-thousand-year hibernation end?

1,000 years.

2. What subspecies is in danger of extinction in the Prologue?


3. Where does Chapter 1 take place?


4. How many people had died before the woman died from the Atlantis Plague in Chapter 1?


5. What does Kate name the woman who has died in Chapter 1?


6. How many years has Kate spent doing clinical research focused on finding a cure for autism?


7. In Chapter 1, how far is Kate from Gibraltar?

50 miles.

8. In Chapter 1, how many days has the Atlantis Plague been killing people?


9. Where is Paul Brenner working in Chapter 2?


10. How old is Martin, Kate’s adoptive father?

Well past 60.

11. What do Adi and Surya scribble on the walls?


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