Objects & Places from The Atlantis Plague

A.G. Riddle
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This is a drug that is supposed to stop a worldwide pandemic.

Orchid District

This is a place where people come to try to be cured from a worldwide pandemic.

Atlantis Plague

This is a disease that is killing and changing humans all over the world.

Marbella, Spain

This is where an old spa resort is turned into an Orchid District and research facility.

The Church of Saint Mary of Incarnation

This is where Kate, Martin, and the boys take shelter when fleeing from the resort.


This is a device that unleashed the Spanish flu in 1918.

CCR5-Delta 32

This makes cells immune to HIV.


This is the site of a large Immari headquarters and is where David Vale is taken when captured.


This is a ship that is used to ferry survivors and the devolving to sea and dispose of them there.



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