Daily Lessons for Teaching The Atlantis Plague

A.G. Riddle
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Lesson 1


A. G. Riddle is the author of The Atlantis Plague. The aim of this lesson is to examine the life and writing of the author.


Class Discussion: When did Riddle begin writing? Why does he believe this time is the best time in history to be a writer? How does he publish his work? Why has he chosen self-publication? How long did it take him to write The Atlantis Gene? Is that the average amount of time he spends writing a book? In what way was The Atlantis Gene a test of his writing ability? What did he struggle with the most when writing The Atlantis Gene? Was that an issue when he wrote The Atlantis Plague? What does he want to improve about his writing? How long did it take for his debut novel to get noticed on Amazon?

Activity: Create a chart or...

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