The Atlantis Plague Fun Activities

A.G. Riddle
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Orchid and Immari Flags

Create or draw the Orchid and the Immari Flags.

Allies and Immari

Discuss with a group the goals and differences between the Allies and the Immari.


Draw a portrait of Kate or one of the other characters in the novel.

1918 Spanish Flu Outbreak

Research the flu outbreak in 1918. Discuss with a group what you learned and how the facts compare with how the Spanish Flu outbreak is described in the novel.


David was terrified when he had to endure having cobras crawl over him. Write about a time when you were deathly afraid and how you handled your fear.


At several points in the novel, it seemed as though Dorian might shake off the influence of Ares and do something good like rescuing Shaw. Discuss with a group how the story might have been different if Dorian had managed to be...

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