The Atlantis Plague Character Descriptions

A.G. Riddle
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Dr. Kate Warner

This character is studying autism and also the Atlantis Plague.

Patrick Pierce

This character helps his biological daughter and two boys escape from Gibraltar.

Martin Grey

This character helps his adopted daughter get to an Orchid District and enlists her in research to find a cure for the plague.

Raymond Sanders

This character is a middle manager for the Immari.

Dr. Nigel Chase

This character is the scientist who investigates the case.

Dorian Sloane

This character is an Immari council member who is given a case to bring to the surface.

David Vale

This character wakes in a hibernation tube in Antarctica, is killed, and then awakes in a hibernation tube in a small room.

General Ares

This character is one of the last Atlanteans and he wants to build an army.

Adam Shaw

This character is the son of the Clocktower director.

Captain Camau

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