The Atlantis Plague Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

A.G. Riddle
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Chapters 1-10

• The Prologue takes place 70,000 years ago near present-day Somalia.

• A scientist opens her eyes and tries to figure out why the ship has rushed her awakening sequence.

• She looks at the display on the wall and discovers that the ten-thousand-year hibernation has ended five hundred years early.

• She tries to stop the awakening process for her companion, but it is too late.

• She is not sure what has happened, but she notices that there is a population alert and possible extinction event.

• A supervolcano near the equator erupted and global temperatures have plummeted.

• Only one species is affected, 8742, on the central continent.

• The female scientist goes down to collect some samples.

• She heads toward the last recorded life signs and finds dozens of bodies just outside the cave.

• She collects a sample from the cave and sees more bodies.

• Inside the cave, she finds a pregnant...

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