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Short Answer Questions

1. In the Third Episode, where is Fake Ploeg working?

2. In which year does the Third Episode take place?

3. What does Mrs. Ploeg do after the war?

4. What is Fake Ploeg holding when Anton meets him in the Third Episode?

5. Where does Anton move in 1953?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Anton meet Cor Takes?

2. What does Anton realize about his wife after speaking to Cor Takes?

3. What had prevented Truus Coster from escaping on the night of the assault?

4. Why is Anton prevented from entering his apartment in the Third Episode?

5. How does Anton respond to the political unrest in Amsterdam in the Third Episode?

6. What has changed in Anton's life between the Second and Third Episode?

7. What detail of the night of the assault puzzles both Cor Takes and Anton?

8. What calls Cor Takes away from the basement while Anton is visiting him?

9. Why is there a mob in front of Anton's apartment building in the Third Episode?

10. Is Anton eager to discuss the night of the assault with Cor Takes?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Cor Takes believes that shooting Fake Ploeg will help end evil. Does it? Cite three examples of people who were impacted by the assault. Explain why or why not Fake Ploeg's death was worth the consequences it caused.

Essay Topic 2

Both Fake Ploeg and Anton are affected by the assault, but they end up leading vastly different lives. Answer the following questions.

1) Compare and contrast the characters Fake Ploeg and Anton.

2) How would the characters Fake Ploeg and Anton been different had the assault not occurred?

3) Who was hurt more by the assault: Fake Ploeg or Anton?

Essay Topic 3

"The Assault" records two encounters that Anton has with Fake Ploeg the son. What are these two episodes, and what do they say about the character of Anton?

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