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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Anton's mother doing at the beginning of the First Episode?

2. How does Anton know that the assault was never brought to trial?

3. Who moved into the Korteweg's house?

4. Who first moves the body of the man who was shot?

5. After hearing shots, what does Anton see through the window?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Anton's childhood neighbors.

2. When did Anton treat a Nazi youth with kindness?

3. How does Anton react to the news that his family is dead?

4. Why does Peter want to move the body of Fake Ploeg?

5. Why does Anton not know about the memorial to the Resistance hostages until Mrs. Beumer tells him?

6. In the Second Episode, why does Anton leave the birthday party early?

7. In the First Episode, what happens to Anton's escort on the way to Amsterdam?

8. Describe the relationship between Anton and the Van Liempts.

9. After the liberation, how does Anton find out whether his parents are dead or alive?

10. What happens to Anton the morning after the shooting?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Retribution is a theme connected with the shooting of Fake Ploeg. Do any of the characters in "The Assault" deserve to die? Choose three characters and defend your answer to this question.

Essay Topic 2

In the beginning of the book, Anton's family consists of his parents and Peter. At the end, he has created a new family for himself. Discuss Anton's relationship with his family members, including both of his wives and his children.

Essay Topic 3

Both Fake Ploeg and Anton are affected by the assault, but they end up leading vastly different lives. Answer the following questions.

1) Compare and contrast the characters Fake Ploeg and Anton.

2) How would the characters Fake Ploeg and Anton been different had the assault not occurred?

3) Who was hurt more by the assault: Fake Ploeg or Anton?

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