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Anton takes this as a gift for a friend's birthday.

Protest Signs

These demonstrations against nuclear weapons are seen by Anton as he talks with Karin Korteweg in 1981.

Truus' Gun

This object is used to kill Fake Ploeg and is kept by Cor Takes for twenty years, despite laws that require him to give it up.

Truus' Picture

This shows Anton that his wife resembles a woman he once met in prison.

Ploeg's Gun

This is held by Peter when he breaks into the Kortewegs' house to hide from the soldiers.


This is the only thing that provides Mr. Korteweg pleasure after the death of his wife.


This is burned to the ground the night Fake Ploeg is found dead outside of it.

Jail Cell

This is where Anton is placed with a woman he cannot see because of the darkness.


This includes the...

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