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Lesson 1 (from Prologue and First Episode, 1945)


Prologue and First Episode, 1945.

Like his character Anton, Harry Mulisch was also born in Haarlem and grew up during World War II. This lesson discusses the author of "The Assault".


1) Class Activity: Author Harry Mulisch has a similar life story to his character Anton. Write the name of both the author and the character on the board. As a class, list their similarities and differences.

2) Class Discussion: Harry Mulisch's family members were not all victims of the Nazis. Who was his father? How do you think this affected the way he viewed the war? How do you think this affected his portrayal of Fake Ploeg?

3) Individual Activity: From what you have read in the Prologue and First Episode, do you think Harry Mulisch wrote "The Assault" with a bias towards one side or the other? Find a specific passage to support your answer.

4) Homework: Research...

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