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Essay Topic 1

What is the significance of the names of the four houses on the quay? Include the personalities of the residents and the events surrounding each house in your essay.

Essay Topic 2

The issue of guilt is a theme throughout "The Assault". Several people could be accused of contributing to the death of Anton's parents. Consider the following characters and defend why or why not you consider that person guilty of Mr. and Mrs. Steenwijk's death: the German soldiers, Cor Takes, Fake Ploeg, Mr. and Mrs. Steenwijk.

Essay Topic 3

Cite three instances of the way Anton's copes with his tragedy. Does it work for him?

Essay Topic 4

Both Fake Ploeg and Anton are affected by the assault, but they end up leading vastly different lives. Answer the following questions.

1) Compare and contrast the characters Fake Ploeg and Anton.

2) How would the characters Fake Ploeg and Anton been...

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