The Assault Character Descriptions

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Anton Steenwijk

This character is sent to jail and his family is murdered when he is twelve years old.

Mr. and Mrs. Steenwijk and Peter

These characters are killed when a dead body is found in front of their house.

Mr. Korteweg and Karin

These characters, neighbors to the main character, own lizards.

Mr. and Mrs. Beumer

These characters are neighbors to the main character. The husband becomes senile in his old age.

Mr. and Mrs. Aarts

These characters are reclusive because they are hiding Jews.

Cor Takes and Truus Coster

These characters are members of the Resistance.

Saskia De Graaf Steenwijk

This character is the child of a diplomat who was a member of the Resistance.

Fake Ploeg

This character is the Chief Inspector of Police in Haarlem.

Fake Ploeg, the son

This character is a member of the Nazi Youth.

Sandra Steenwijk

This character wants to...

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