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Robert Greene (author)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author say helps seducers find the best ways to prove themselves to targets?
(a) Having a history of long-term relationships.
(b) Being wealthy.
(c) Being honest.
(d) Knowing the targets.

2. When people regress to when they were babies, the author claims they are cast back to their feelings of what?
(a) Emotional dependency.
(b) Fearlessness.
(c) Losing their speech.
(d) Innocence.

3. In Chapter 15, "The Seductive Process", Aly Khan is not handsome nor monogamous, but is quite _____ and adept at _____.
(a) Wealthy/Giving attention.
(b) Charming/Household chores.
(c) Devoted to children/Babysitting.
(d) Faithful/Romance.

4. When Aly Khan decides to keep the woman he seduced, what becomes of her friends?
(a) Her friends are invited to live at the estate.
(b) Her friends try to tell her she is making a mistake.
(c) Her friends plea with Aly to become part of their circle.
(d) Her friends let her go into a life of luxury and contentment.

5. What qualities does the author say men possess that can be a double-edged matter for women?
(a) Their sexual assertiveness and agressiveness.
(b) Their inability to ask for directions.
(c) Their physical strength and confidence.
(d) Their desire to open doors for women.

Short Answer Questions

1. What activity is used as a powerful example of improving and advancing relationships in the chapter, "Use the Demonic Power of Words to Sow Confusion"?

2. Who does the author say seduces many female lovers during private, spiritually oriented meetings?

3. What is one way the author describes to weave fiction and nonfiction together when seducing?

4. What does the author say is easier to accomplish in a repressive culture?

5. In an example of an intellectual seduction in Chapter 21, "Give them space to Fall - The Pursuer is Pursued", a beautiful woman manages to promote the arts by doing what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Mathilde from Chapter 9, "Lead Astray-Creating Pleasure and Confusion".

2. What changes does the author suggest people make to show attention to details?

3. In Chapter 21, how is the story of the beautiful woman who hosts a writer's salon an example of intellectual seduction?

4. Describe Nora Eddington from Chapter 22, "The Physical Lures".

5. What does the author say is the benefit of knowing your target?

6. How is the girl isolated by Aly Khan in Chapter 15, "Isolate the Victim"?

7. What does the author say is the allure for some of the forbidden desires that seducers crave?

8. How does the author say one can practice seductive writing?

9. What does the author say one should do after having seduced someone?

10. Why does the author say Errol Flynn succeeds at seducing Nora Eddington?

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