The Art of Seduction Short Essay - Answer Key

Robert Greene (author)
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1. What types of ideas does the author say a seductive woman might be inspired by?

A seductive woman, or siren, is inspired by ideas such as a man not needing to marry her, or at least throw away his trouble to enjoy his union with her. This allows her to make the most of her allure.

2. According to the author, what makes the Rake a decidedly masculine figure?

The Rake is decidedly masculine because he does such things as climb walls and other athletic feats in order to get to a woman. He makes the pursuit an adventure.

3. What does the author say might cause an Ideal Lover relationship to collapse?

An Ideal Lover relationship might collapse if there is no mystery to it. The imaginary element allows the Ideal Lover to be what the other partner desires. The fantasy can be achieved truthfully or artificially.

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