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Robert Greene (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2: Chapter 6: Master the Art of Insinuation.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What qualities of philosopher Lou Andreas Salome enabled her to lead men?
(a) Her strength of character and interests combined with how she handled her sexual and nonsexual appeal.
(b) Her superior technical and mechanical skills.
(c) Her ability to organize and plan events.
(d) Her intellegence and ability to emasculate them.

2. According to the author, what is charm a combination of?
(a) Fantasy and reality.
(b) Professionalism and a sense of fun.
(c) Natural buoyancy with good manners and a bit of style.
(d) Confidence and an ability to flatter people with low self-esteem.

3. What do seducers partly do through seduction?
(a) Give away part of their souls.
(b) Cause long-term damage.
(c) Spread love.
(d) Fill a need.

4. What type of seducer is poet Oscar Wilde known to be?
(a) Dandy.
(b) Rake.
(c) Coquette.
(d) Star.

5. What type of women are especially trusting of male efforts to pursue friendships with them?
(a) Young women.
(b) Professional women.
(c) Feminists.
(d) Married women.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is included as an example of someone who abandons personal dreams for the purpose of fulfilling society's needs and aspirations?

2. What is a great indirect approach to creating a false sense of security?

3. The chapter, "Master the Art of Insinuation" states that society has forced the married woman to make pretenses of being pursued and to appear to be the what?

4. Who does the author say is seduced by Count Saint-Germain?

5. What strategy does the author describe that a person can partially control to gain popularity in business?

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