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Robert Greene (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2: Chapter 6: Master the Art of Insinuation.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author say Genji, from the Asian Imperial Court, is famous for?
(a) Teaching the Emperor his ways.
(b) Writing love stories.
(c) Dancing.
(d) Sleeping with women of the Court.

2. What does the author say people have the power to cultivate?
(a) Business relationships.
(b) Magnetism.
(c) Life-long friendships.
(d) Compassion.

3. What type of people does the author say are virtually impossible to seduce?
(a) Married people.
(b) Depressed people.
(c) Single people.
(d) Truly content people.

4. The Dandy is the quintessential what?
(a) Jerk.
(b) Eccentric.
(c) Athlete.
(d) Ladies man.

5. The husband of one woman who had "given into" Rasputin was _____ more than _____.
(a) Honored/Upset.
(b) Angry/Pleased.
(c) Confused/Depressed.
(d) Annoyed/Angry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What man is discussed in The Coquette, whose love distracts him from his other activities?

2. How does the author describe honesty?

3. What modern group best represents the Star archetype?

4. Who does the author say attempts to create a union with a Russian Czar that will include a divorce from his wife?

5. What group does the author say makes great targets and victims of seduction?

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