Objects & Places from The Art of Seduction

Robert Greene (author)
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This world famous city figures repeatedly in the book as a bastion of culture and romance.

Blue Angel

This film turned out to be a bit of a disaster for an actor, as he was 'abandoned' so that Marlene Dietrich could be pushed into a role she did not want. . . making the film a success and improving her career.

The Presidente

This is a woman's role in 1770's Europe.

$31,000 diamond necklace

A young man bought this gift for a woman named Otero and then spent 3 nights as her lover.


In this book, this is meant metaphorically as a sign of progress.


This city, once the seat of its own empire, has long since turned into a respectable city within the nation of Italy.


An important city in Italy, held as an independent city-state for a year by D'Annunzio.

Forbidden City

The self-contained, enclosed estate...

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