The Art of Seduction Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robert Greene (author)
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Chapter 1: The Siren | The Rake

• There are two types of Sirens. One is the greatest of dramatists, while the other is more intensely sexually passionate.

• The Sirens are able to take control of men the way that every woman committed to a man; hoping for his real dedication fears.

• The Rake is designed for two main types of women: those who are innocent and married and fans of drama, and women who are shrewd, know what they want, and are prepared to deal with the brief fling followed by the disappearance of their seducer.

The Ideal Lover | The Dandy

• The Ideal Lover is the seducer who finds out what the other needs and fulfills those needs.

• Madame Pompadour is the main figure in this chapter. She became the favorite mistress of a King who was notorious for quickly tiring of new lovers. The reason for her success is...

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