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Garth Stein
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of both a county and a city in northern California in the western United States?
(a) St. Edwards.
(b) Martha's Vineyard.
(c) Richmond.
(d) Sonoma.

2. The vet informs Denny that Enzo has what, in Chapter 37?
(a) Memory loss.
(b) Hip dysplasia.
(c) Stomach cancer.
(d) Heartworms.

3. How is Enzo injured in Chapter 46?
(a) He is attacked by another dog.
(b) He is hit by a car.
(c) He is shot.
(d) He is electrocuted.

4. Zoë talks to Enzo about escaping where to find her father in Chapter 38?
(a) Europe.
(b) South America.
(c) Asia.
(d) Canada.

5. "The Rockford Files" aired on television during what years?
(a) 1981-1990.
(b) 1974-1980.
(c) 1971-1978.
(d) 1976-1982.

6. In Chapter 51, Enzo finds what to be a huge embarrassment?
(a) Incontinence.
(b) Weak hips.
(c) Memory loss.
(d) Hiccups.

7. In Chapter 53, Enzo says that Denny's mother is what?
(a) Deaf.
(b) Blind.
(c) Senile.
(d) Wealthy.

8. In Chapter 44, Denny's lawyer tell him that Denny would be better able to pursue his racing career dreams if what?
(a) Zoë lived with Mike and Tony.
(b) Zoë lived with her grandparents.
(c) Zoë lived with him on the road.
(d) Enzo were put to sleep.

9. In Chapter 32, Denny takes Enzo to his work where?
(a) The stock exchange.
(b) The auto service center.
(c) The bank.
(d) The church.

10. Denny's father gives Denny what in Chapter 53?
(a) A letter from Eve.
(b) His high school yearbook.
(c) A gold watch.
(d) An envelope of money.

11. "The Rockford Files" starred what actor?
(a) Peter Falk.
(b) James Garner.
(c) Erik Estrada.
(d) James Dean.

12. Who was the star of the television show "Columbo"?
(a) Peter Falk.
(b) Erik Estrada.
(c) James Garner.
(d) James Dean.

13. On the way to the emergency animal hospital in Chapter 46, Enzo tells the chilling story of the day who died and the mystery surrounding his fateful last lap?
(a) Luigi Chinetti.
(b) Ayrton Senna.
(c) Enzo Ferrari.
(d) Luca Pantoni.

14. In Chapter 54, the narrator says that above all, it is most important that a driver do what?
(a) Drive faster than everyone else.
(b) Drive into the light.
(c) Avoid a collision.
(d) Finish each race.

15. Denny's lawyer tells him that it will cost Denny how much to resolve the custody case in court in Chapter 31?
(a) $4,000.
(b) $8,000.
(c) $10,000.
(d) $5,000.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Denny's new lawyer in Chapter 45?

2. In Chapter 55, Denny tells Mike Fein that he and his parents had been what for many years?

3. Trish and Maxwell are suing Denny for what in Chapter 29?

4. Who arrives to take a very sad and disheartened Zoë back to Maxwell and Trish in Chapter 40?

5. Mark Fein gives Denny how long to settle his account in Chapter 43?

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