The Art of Racing in the Rain Short Essay - Answer Key

Garth Stein
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1. How is Enzo introduced in Chapter 1? What is Enzo's greatest concern in this chapter? What does Enzo want to hold onto?

Enzo is old and his health is steadily failing. Enzo also knows that in his next incarnation, he will come back as a man. The only thing concerning Enzo is that he will not carry his most cherished memories into his next life. He is trying to imprint his soul with the moments he has spent loving his family.

2. What characters are introduced in Chapter 1? Who is the narrator and protagonist of the novel?

These early chapters lay the narrative foundation for what follows in the novel. Enzo the narrator and main protagonist is introduced as are Denny, Eve, and Zoë Swift. Denny and Enzo enjoy a close relationship and Enzo is satisfied with things the way they are. It is well-established that Enzo is intelligent and curious about the world around him.

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