The Art of Racing in the Rain Quiz | Eight Week Quiz A

Garth Stein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8 - 14 (Pages 38 - 83).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Enzo recalls the reaction of crows to having ripped into a bag containing what in Chapter 13?
(a) Crab filling.
(b) Oranges.
(c) Potato chips.
(d) His feces.

2. What is the name of Denny's daughter in the novel?
(a) Eve.
(b) Zoë.
(c) Jennifer.
(d) Sarah.

3. What are the names of Eve's parents in the novel?
(a) Mr. and Mrs. Swift.
(b) Mike and Luca.
(c) Maxwell and Trish.
(d) Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.

4. Enzo claims that a selective breeding conspiracy among humans is ultimately the reason that dogs do not have what, in Chapter 5?
(a) Thumbs.
(b) No hair.
(c) Short hair.
(d) Clothing.

5. Why is Enzo hurt and surprised in Chapter 14?
(a) Mike washes his toy.
(b) Eve leaves the family.
(c) Denny leaves to race.
(d) Denny divorces Eve.

Short Answer Questions

1. Denny's long race described in Chapter 8 was eight hours long and Denny was to drive for how long?

2. The German Shepherd is a relatively new breed of dog, with its origin dating to what year?

3. Enzo says that he enjoys what as well as Formula One racing in Chapter 5?

4. Where was Ayrton Senna da Silva from?

5. In Chapter 11, Enzo is locked in the house for how long?

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