The Art of Racing in the Rain Character Descriptions

Garth Stein
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This golden Labrador Retriever is the protagonist and narrator of the novel.

Denny Swift

This character is an aspiring professional race car driver and the owner of the protagonist.

Eve Swift

This character with straight blond hair, soft green eyes, and a curvy figure, is beautiful and free-spirited.

Zoë Swift

This character is an only child and does not want for attention or affection.

Trish and Maxwell

These characters are decidedly upper middle-class and rather narrow-minded in their world view. They are also fond of beige and khaki clothing and they both have the same color hair.

Mr. and Mrs. Swift

These characters are simple people from somewhere in the middle of the country, where they live on a small farm.

Luca Pantoni

This character is an important man in the Ferrari organization who offers the protagonist's owner a chance to work with him in Maranello, Italy...

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